Diatomaceous Earth for the Garden

You can use a sifter or make a shaker with an empty coffee can by putting some holes in the bottom and shake diatomaceous earth onto your garden. Sifters are much easier to work with! Just sift some around and even on your plants and you will be bug free. After you water or if it rains just reapply and you will have a pest -free garden all summer!
These broccoli plants are side by side in the garden!

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No More Slugs

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth on and around your tomato plants and other garden plants. This will kill any slugs that would love to attack them and keep your plants and garden safe. Although garden slugs are one of the most common problems in gardens, there are many more. DE will help keep your garden safe from all the soft shelled bugs nicely! Diatomaceous Earth is a natural home and garden product that kills all types of insects without harming people, pets or the environment when used as directed. It’s comprised of rocks lined with tiny fossils called diatoms. When ground into a fine powder (which is 100% organic and all we sell), it contains minuscule sharp points, which cut into insects and kill them. Sprinkle it generously around base of plants and areas where garden pests are frequently seen.Make sure to use a sifter or shaker to get some on the leaves!

Bought your DE for use in our garden and no more slugs and other pests! Thanks! Dennis and Nancy B.



Use Diatomaceous Earth to keep your garden organic and kill many pests that would love to do damage to your garden plants, vegetables and flowers! You can also mix it in water for a perfect spray on insecticide, although I'd prefer to sprinkle or dust on and around plants to get rid of and keeo away the slugs. It even works on aphids, fleas, thrips and non-hard shell beetles! And since it is 100% organic you can eat your veggies right off the vine since you don't have to worry about pesticides and other bad, bad things the big insecticide companies try to push on you.

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